We are introducing

the new develloped


Touch Operatioin

The screen displays the sterilization process



All functions are operated from the touch-screen step by step. 


Duration is  7 to  15 minutes.

All functions are operated from the 

touch- screen step by step.

For use with

standard vessels

The thermal energy required for sterilization is delivered directly to the medium.

The newly developed, revolutionary MediJet 500 with the latest Direct Energy Transfer Technology (DET) can handle liquid media within shortest time - which means, the process does not take longer than a cup of coffee or tea.


The thermal energy required for sterilization is deliver- ed directly to the medium. Microwaves are the energy source, which makes the heating occurs instantly and uniformly throughout the volume of the liquid.


In comparison with the traditional steam autoclave, sterilization takes 5 times less time, while the exposure to high temperatures is very short (60-90 seconds). This minimizes the decomposition of microbiological medium.

The MediJet 500 is always at your disposal – 24/7. 

You no longer have to wait to sterilize the needed media.



Max. Volume

Sterilization temperature

Heating time

Cooling time

Temp. after process 

Prozess duration

Working preassure


Electromagn. frequenzy

500 ml

135 °C

1,5-4,5 Min.

4-12 Min.

95 °C

7-15 Min.

3,6 bar

15 kg

2450 MHz

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